Botanical consultancy services

How we look after any patch of land determines what grows there. Whether it’s creating a wildflower meadow, restoring acres of heathland or bringing back the rarest of orchids, plant conservation requires special technical knowledge of how individual species respond to different types of land management.

With over 20 years’ experience in botanical conservation, I can help with…

  • botanical site survey and land management recommendations
  • designing and delivering conservation projects
  • land management planning and strategic objectives
A particular speciality is the creation of wildflower meadows. As part of the Coronation Meadows initiative, I oversaw the creation of hundreds of acres of wildflower meadows across England and Wales. The best way to learn, though, is to do it yourself and the creation of my own 3 acre meadow on our smallholding in the Conwy valley (below) – now 7 years old – has given me sound working knowledge of the more practical aspects of meadow creation and management.
For wildflower meadows, I can help with…
  • site assessment and selection
  • ground preparation
  • sourcing and sowing seeds
  • aftercare and meadow establishment
  • meadow management with grazing livestock and hay cutting

Whatever your botanical consultancy needs – whether you have a garden, a smallholding or a large farm or estate – please get in touch.