My garden

From orchids to potatoes and from exotic gingers to native wild flowers, I’m a passionate gardener.

With plants from all around the world, my house and garden is testament to a life-long obsession with growing things. Inspired by the keen gardeners in my family – especially my grandmother and my mum – I’m happiest when I have my hand in some soil.

As with many gardeners, some groups of plants have a particular appeal and fascination for me. These include:

  • Orchids, especially tropical slipper orchids, hardy orchids and scented orchids
  • Exotic hardy gingers such as Hedychium and Roscoea
  • Insect-eating pitcher plants
  • Ferns, particularly large ones such as royal fern and tree ferns
  • Scented plants such as honeysuckle, lilies and daphne
I also love encouraging people to grow more of our fabulous native wild flowers in our gardens. Plants such as pasqueflower, sea kale, spring gentian and meadow clary are all found growing wild in Britain and deserve to be celebrated as part of our natural heritage.  
And, of course, I’m fascinated by the curious, exotic, fabulous and sometimes downright weird flora from around the world. Growing some of these plants can be a challenge, but that’s part of the fun of it!