Why plants matter

Plants are fundamental to all life on earth. They capture the energy of life from the sun, they store carbon, they purify water and they create the very oxygen we breath.

They feed us and sustain us, they inspire art and poetry, we decorate our homes and clothes with them and we give them to each other to show our love.

And yet we show them little love in return. One in five of our wild plants are threatened with extinction and within a generation we’ve destroyed 7.5 million acres of flower-rich meadows and pastures.

My life and work is dedicated to changing the fortunes of plants. As a botanist and conservationist, I'm passionate about bringing plants back - back into our landscapes, back into our lives and back into our minds.

During my career I’ve helped map all the plants of Britain and Ireland, rescued populations of rare species, created and restored lost habitats, and raised awareness of critical issues that impact plants. 

I’m passionate about providing a voice for plants and telling their stories to show how our landscapes are changing.

The better we understand this change, the more we can do to reverse the loss of our huge diversity of plants, flowers and the wildlife they support. 

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